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TORA Laundry Powder Detergent cleaning products for washing that contain ingredients “Blue Plus Bleach” which helps increase efficiency. Washes all types of laundry and perfume "Soft Blue", a special formula of Tora. Contains ingredients that kill tiger basikapa. Covers bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Used in washing clothes that require quick cleanliness, sterilization, and prevention of germs. Can be used for both hand washing and machine washing. Able to remove stains easily. The foam washes off easily. Does not leave residue after washing. Helps make the cloth white Easy to clean white and colored cloth still bright and colorful Suitable for many laundry industries that require value for money, economical, and used for cleaning work. General cleaning in production areas, machinery or equipment in general industry. Does not contain phosphates. Therefore, it does not cause any impact on the wastewater treatment system and does not cause toxic pollution in the water.

Packing size: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg 

           Pine Disinfectant Solution 4 Liters.                                                         Multipurpose Liquid Bleach 1 Liter

Tora Detergent Powder 1Kg

Tora Detergent Powder 2.5Kg